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Our goal is to breed, train, show, and sell quality horses that will be successful for any amateur, non pro, or open rider in the show pen.  
Training horses is a commitment that requires a unique work ethic. This isn’t your typical 9-5. It is a lifestyle.. Early mornings, late nights, countless hours and sacrifice are all contributing factors to our success.


Respect and Confidence
Individualized training
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Respect and confidence are the two most important aspects of our program. If the horse respects you, he/she will give you the opportunities to imprint your training in them, utilizing every aspect of their athletic ability to attain the overall goal of cutting.  Once we have established respect, we utilize a daily training program to build confidence in each athlete with the end goal of them being completely responsible for their performance in and out of the show pen and succeeding in doing so.



We do not believe in a “one program fits all” mentality when it comes to horses. Each horse is an individual and will require different training techniques in order to expose their true potential. We have always found adapting our training style to the needs of the horse creates a more confident, successful, and competitive athlete in the long run.
If you provide a horse with a proper foundation, earn their respect, and build their confidence…there is no limit to the amount of success that horse will attain if you do your part as their partnered showman.


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